Our Mission

To make conscious fashion affordable and a lifestyle choice!

Who Are We

Vintage Loom is a conscious fashion label which brings to life clothing handcrafted in natural fabrics using artisanal crafts of India. We are promoting sustainable and ethical fashion, and we practice that in two ways.  Firstly, we believe the best fashion statement is the one which empowers lives. And so all our products are handmade by artisans working independently or in small groups. They earn a fair share for their skills and not just minimum wages. We also train and outsource work to women who cannot step out of their homes for a job but seek financial independence and a sense of achievement. We do so through a network of in-house supervisors/trainers. Secondly, we strongly support reusing via restyling and hence our designs are very versatile. You will notice a lot of Solids and stripe patterns in our collections. Our design ideology is simple yet unique.  We feel a dress should be a timeless addition to the wardrobe which feels familiar and can be passed on.  Comfort is a must factor for any clothing and so we love fluid shapes, rich textiles and evolved designs. We make styles that are classic and timeless.  Experience the luxury of cotton!